Théâtre & Publics


Théâtre & Publics is a centre for research, as well as theatrical practice and training.

All of its work, research, endeavours and experiences focus on a central theme: how to create conditions so that actors, by means of ongoing training, can forge a place in the theatrical landscape, take on board its language and transform their working practices?

The action that Théâtre & Publics undertakes falls under the category "research-action". The provisions put in place are aimed, in particular, at graduates of Arts higher education establishments in the French Community and experienced artists.

This field of “research-action” aims, among other things, to lead to reflection targeted at professionals working in the theatre sector (institutions, actors, young graduates, teachers, educationalists, researchers, politicians etc.) who want to add depth to their roles and systematically translate their knowledge into action for change. Action in the following areas is included in this field:

The actor is at the heart of this reflection – the actor who reflects on the world and takes his place in society – the actor who continues to train throughout his life and thereby transforms the conditions in which he performs his art, his practices and his skills. These are the demands and challenges behind this need for ongoing training.

The aim of the action undertaken by Théâtre & Publics is to make theatrical and cinematic practices take an active and emancipating role within society.

The association promotes professionalism among theatrical artists by helping them to create their own tools for autonomy.

In the continual exchange between the on-the-ground reality and research, between practice and reflection, and between experimentation and conception, Théâtre & Publics has carved out a unique role for itself, at the service of the theatre and cinema of tomorrow and of their professionals as well as their audiences:

The research-action framework

Cadre de la recherche-action

Areas of focus for Research-Action

The “research-action” undertaken by Théâtre & Publics involves several areas of focus within an inter-community, European and international perspective, with the aim of developing strategies for renewing and expanding audiences.

The aims of these areas of focus are to:

Théâtre & Publics could not undertake this action without cooperation and significant commitment from artists, educationalists, company managers and cultural institutions. (See partners)